Mustafa Bilal - Principal & Photographer - 206.683.3617 - images@turkshead.com

Exploring the Depths Sometimes you have to let loose and see the potential of multiple images working together.
Create a composite that satisfies the client, the art director and the photographer.
MANUFACTURING We have the privilege to photograph all types of situations, equipment and processes. We enjoy the gritty machine shops
as much as the high-tech clean rooms. Let us show you our creative abilities at your location, wherever that may be.
TAKING THE HEAT It's part of the job. To be a professional, and excel at studio and location photography, you have to prepare and
execute the assignment with creativity and pride.
PEOPLE AT WORK Our respect for the worker, their specialties and uncanny abilities to be creative, productive and
achieve perfection motivates the same feelings in us. We like to get in there and tell their stories.
PRODUCTS AT WORK Quality products and services are the goals of our clients’ businesses. We share the same philosophy
with them – by genuinely communicating their values in our image capture and post production.
COOL MACHINES Small or large, cutting edge or proven technology – equipment and products get the work done in our
world. Our job is to accurately and dramatically capture and deliver the imagery of these workhorses.
SHINY OBJECTS Shiny objects is where it is all at, right? It is also a chance for us to shine in our creative photographic
abilities to make them bright, eye-catching and place them properly in their natural environments.

Our prominent core competency is commercial photography – both in studio and on location.

We apply our hard earned knowledge and experience to provide our clients with imagery that enables them to fulfill their marketing goals.


It’s not simply saying “been there, done that.” The truth is, we still like going there, doing that and capturing images. And every time we do, we bring our creativity and knowledge along.

Our photographic experience is measured in curiosity, desire for perfection and plain old pride in a job well done.


Our photographs result from careful preparation, precise lighting and composition, technical capture and the postproduction. We understand the different mediums of photographic reproduction, we also understand prepress, web and print. We make sure the images we deliver are optimized technically, as well as artistically.