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Personal Images


Like the wrinkles on an aging face, the textures and stress lines of a well-executed image does tell a tale for those willing to look carefully. My photographic illustrations combine the visible with the hidden, so we may perhaps capture a glimpse, and decipher the unseen and the unspoken.

– Mustafa Bilal, photographer

Mustafa Bilal has been shooting commercially for 40 years. His studio is located on beautiful Fidalgo Island. His fine art photography allows him to better express his personal interests and taste. He is inspired by everyday moments close to home, as well as those far away – subjects that have stories to tell.

We are pleased to offer limited edition prints for sale through this website. Our archival media prints, professionally mounted and framed in the most appropriate manner are ready for display in your home or business. Each image’s recommended size and method of printing, mounting and framing can be found under each image name.

On a technical note, some of these images were shot with 35mm and 4×5 cameras, while others with an iPhone. They were enhanced and transformed digitally and by hand to bring out the messages that were always there for those willing to see. Our hope is that these images will inspire the mind and the eye of the viewer, and evoke a deeper emotion when visually experiencing the world at large.